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Jiahang electro-hydraulic servo valve Technology Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in electro-hydraulic servo valve sales maintenance, equipped have China aerospace dynamic, static servo valve test bench. By the senior hydraulic engineers major, with professional hydraulic engineers sales, maintenance team. Mainly on the servo valve no-load flow characteristics, resolution, pressure gain characteristics and frequency characteristics of static and dynamic performance of all aspects of testing and commissioning, and treatment of servo valve fixed throttle, nozzle baffle, Parts for automatic cleaning.
The test station applies test maintenance for the following brands electro-hydraulic servo valves and proportional valves, such as Moog¡¢Parker¡¢Vickers¡¢YUKEN¡¢DAIKIN¡¢ATOS¡¢Schneider¡¢United Kingdom STAR¡¢Germany EMG¡¢DOWTY¡¢BOSCH¡¢Rexroth¡¢TOKIMEC¡¢SAUER-DANFOSS and domestic precision servo valve series.
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